It takes an army of volunteers to bring the magic of theater to life. No one knows this more than the men and women who work tirelessly backstage to ensure that the show will happen flawlessly.


Every season we ask potential directors to submit scripts to be considered as either a full feature or a reader’s theater production. To be a director at SMCT you must be a member of our friends of the theatre and at least 18 years of age. Potential directors submit a script to the board before the first board meeting each year in February and give a short presentation to show their vision for the show.  The board will vote on which scripts they feel will be best for that season.

Stage Managers

The stage manager’s job is to keep the show moving. They get the actors ready, they supervise scene changes and technical cues, and they make sure everything is ready for the show. The stage manager is the director’s right hand and is an integral part of any production. We are always looking for people with strong personalities that aren’t afraid to take charge and keep our actors in line.

Choreography and Music Directors

Some shows, such as musicals, require more specialized knowledge of dance or music and may require a music directory or choreographer.

Lights & Sound

Every show needs someone to run the lights and sound booth. We love our techs and are always looking for people to help make the show a technical success. No experience necessary, we can show you everything you need to know!

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